Welcome to our Japanese Gay Art blog!

Fireman by Hideko Koh

'Fireman' by Hideko Koh

Welcome to the launch of our blog. We aim to bring you information, interviews, and events all relating to Japanese gay artists and their artworks

Who are we? We are an artist management company in Melbourne, Australia specialising in Japanese modern art. Recently we began dealing in art by gay artists, mainly from Japan, and had such a huge response that we decided to start this blog to provide answers to all the questions that we’ve been asked.

Who am I? My name is Masahiko, I’m from Tokyo, Japan, but I now live in Australia.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy.



  1. peter herbert wrote:

    what a terrific website..i loved BOYS LIFE exhibition at mardi gras..one of the highlights of the festival…it contained for me some eye opening erotic highs…keep me informed with any updates.

  2. admin wrote:

    Thanks for the message Peter, keep an eye on the site to stay in touch with whats going on, including the plans for next years Mardis Gras event.

  3. jesshot wrote:

    ahh bless thanks