Japanese Gay Erotic Art in Tokyo

Tatsuji Okawa featured in Barazoku magazine

Tatsuji Okawa featured in Barazoku magazine

Gengoroh Tagame has joined a group exhibition in Japan, ‘Bungaku Ito Collection (Gay Erotic Artists from Barazoku)’. The exhibition started on the 1st June and runs till 13th June at Vanilla Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.

Tagame has supervised this exhibition, and is displaying some of his own works, a full set of his ‘Seven Sins’ series is on display. He will also do a talk show on the 7th of June with Mr. Bungaku Ito, publisher of Barazoku, a now defunct Japanese gay magazine.

The artists featured in the exhibition are: Go Mishima / Sanshi Funayama / Toshimi Oda / Minoru Toyama / Jimu(GYM) / Sadao Hasegawa / Ben Kimura / Go Hirano / Tatsuji Okawa / Seiji Inagaki / Futa Mikami / Gengoroh Tagame.

Mr. Ito is also selling his collection of Japanese gay erotic art, with original drawings by Tatsuji Okawa, Go Hirano and Minoru Toyama on sale through Vanilla Gallery. The gallery accepts orders from outside Japan. If you want to buy the originals, you can check the exhibition on Vanilla Gallery’s website. If you would like help in contacting the gallery I’m more than happy to help out.

This is very rare opportunity to get originals of vintage Japanese gay erotic drawings by three maestros!


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  2. E Fernandez wrote:

    Thanks for the information. I would like to know which pieces of Sadao Hasegawa the Vanilla Gallery have on sale. Can you please help me with that? Thanks in advance,…

  3. Masa wrote:

    Sorry, I don’t know if there are Sadao Hasegawa artworks at Vanilla Gallery, but soon I will have some pieces available for sale. I’ll display them on this site and you can purchase them through me. Masahiko