G-men magazine

G-men magazine March, 2008 edition

G-men magazine March, 2008 edition

If you love Japanese men and don’t know about G-men magazine then you should definitely check it out. G-men is a Japanese gay magazine that features great erotic stories in anime style, solo and group pictorials, articles and more. We’ve been lucky enough to set up a partnership with G-men magazine, and we’ll be exhibiting G-men artist’s original drawings and artworks in our Mardi Gras exhibition in Sydney next year.

You can check out G-men and order their books, comics and dvds on their newly launched English language website http://www.gproject.com/store/. I recommend you take a look, you may be surprised!

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  1. ron geller wrote:

    G-men is fantastic.

    Thanks so much for publishing a site in English. I’m fascinated by Japanese gay art but so many sites are in Japanese. This lets me learn about this beautiful and hot art form.