Moriuo Solo Exhibition Opening Party on this Week !

Moriuo Exhibition opening party on Thursday 11th October 2012 – 1800 to 2000 – Refreshments provided.
Come along, join the party and see new and exciting art works from Mariuo.

■Moriuo (Born 1973)
Moriuo entered Art School in 1991 where he majored in oil painting. Between 1997 and 2009 his manga and illustrations appeared in Badi magazine and he won the top prize in the 1997 Badi Comic Prize. Initially his works consisted of pencil drawings of gay couples which have been used on a number of flyer and poster illustrations for club nights and
other gay events. Since 2003, along with other illustrations, he has widened his range by taking charge of a regular page in G-men magazine, the “Moriuo Gallery” which features new artworks of a sexier nature.
On first look, his works appear to be printed, but they are actually all completed by hand in acrylic paint, coloured pencil and pen with no digital enhancement. Moriuo says no matter what kind of situation he draws, be it sexy or melancholy, it must always have that special quality that goes straight to the audience’s heart. Happiness and sadness, the tough times and the good times, they may be small but they are all combine to make this great big world. As one Japanese gay illustrator in this great big world, that’s what Moriuo would like to express.