2013 Exhibition Schedule

In conjunction with the Sydney Mardi Gras, from 20 February, 2013 we will be our annual MG exhibition, this time expanded to two huge locations! Our 2013 exhibition is entitled “Timposki – Japanese Gay Art dot com.” What is Timposki? It’s our little play on words. In Japanese, “chimpo” means “dick” and “suki” means “like”. Put them together and it comes to mean ”I like dick!”. But that’s not the end of it… On the Japanese internet textboard 2 Channel, “chinpo” is often written as “timpo”. Since the Japanese pronunciation sounds a lot like a Russian surname we decided to go with a Russian motif, making the suki into ski.

Along with our annual exhibition at Me&Art, we’re also excited to announce that the famous Burdekin Hotel, just off Oxford St has come on board as our main exhibition venue. Now you’ll be able to enjoy our artworks while sipping your favourite beverage at the Burdekin!

Following Mardi Gras, in May we will be holding an individual exhibition for the illustrious Hideki Koh. Even more exciting, the artist himself will be coming to Australia! With over 10 new works to be exhibited, including a number of artist dolls, this will be Hideki Koh’s first individual international show. There is no doubt this exhibition will be a huge coup for collectors of Koh’s work.
At present, we are also intending a trip to France in June and so we’re hoping to hold shows for Hideki Koh in both Paris and London. Definitely something to look forward to!