2013 Mardi Gras Exhibition: TIMPOSKI

Last October we held an exhibition of predominantly gay male art, but I got the feeling that the number of attendees was quite limited. With this exhibition we bring together all the artworks displayed at Me & Art in this previous exhibition with a number of new works completed specifically for the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras. But I stil thought we could do better and so I have also brought back all the gay artworks currently in storage since 2009.
The “softer” of these works will be displayed at Me & Art Cafe while the remainder will be exhibited at our main exhibition space at the Burdekin Hotel.
This is most definitely shaping up to be an exhibition on a grand scale with a number of new artists also contributing. There is definitely something for everyone to see so I strongly recommend that everyone come along to take a look at the gorgeous artworks on offer.