“BOOM” An Explosion of Contemporary Japanese Art

Mayumi International presents:

Hideki Koh was introduced by BOOM.

In 1998, Hideki Koh began to draw pictures focusing on young men, and worked on front covers for the magazine Barazoku from 1999 to 2002.
Koh had his first solo exhibition in 2000 and has since emerged from the gay underground art scene to gain much attention in the general art scene, leading, in recent years, to Koh’s works being featured in a number of Japanese art magazines.
Koh has an ever growing fan base and as there are many collectors and overseas galleries offering to host exhibitions and sell his works, the range of Koh’s work is expanding.

“BOOM” An Explosion of Contemporary Japanese Art

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Introducing 42 artists currently working in Japan. The artists introduced by BOOM are all Japanese nationals currently working in Japan.
Their ages and modes of expression vary greatly. They have no reoccurring themes or genre. But each artist pursues a new method of expression and their work is continually evolving.
They are quintessential “artists of the here and now.”