Go Mishima

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Go Mishima (1924 – 1988)
Go Mishima was born Tsuyoshi Yoshida in Kanagawa, Japan in 1924. From an early age he was struck by the magazine illustrations of Hikozo Ito. In 1942, at the age of 18 Yoshida entered the army and is rumored to have had a torrid affair with one of his superior officers.
In 1955 Yoshida met novelist Yukio Mishima at a body-building gym in Tokyo. The two started drawing male nudes as a hobby and it was at this time that Yoshida took the pen-name Go Mishima. Under his new name Mishima’s works started to gain attention among European fashion designers and businessmen, many of whom had works especially commissioned.
In 1972 Japan’s first gay magazine Barazoku began publication. Mishima worked as illustrator for many of the stories published in the magazine. He also worked extensively for Sabu magazine, another leading gay magazine which published from 1974 where he edited the photo-spreads and covers. Mishima is also credited with giving the magazine it’s title. While Barazoku had a more European influenced style, Sabu featured more “Japanese” images, predominantly short-haired, muscular men with tattoos wearing Japanese swords and loincloths. It is said that Mishima’s tastes shaped much of Sabu’s content. It was at Sabu where Mishima continued to work until his death on January 4, 1988, three days before the death of Emperor Hirohito. Mishima is thought to have passed away from a combination of hepatitis and alcohol abuse.

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