The career of JIRAIYA (1967 – present)
JIRAIYA is one of the gay cartoonists and illustrators who represent those scene of Japan. Because he has a principal profession and he does both his business and creative activity, he introduces himself as an office worker and artist, or a part time artist in the afterword of collected short stories and the author’s recent photograph. He started exhibiting illustrations called “OTOKOE” in the magazine “G-men” from 1998, and then afterward he debuted as a gay cartoonist. Also, He worked on the front cover illustration of “G-men” from 2001 to July 2006 as well as drawing manga. He had been attracting attention from abroad, and the collection of his illustrations was published in France too. He is an artist who attracts attention from overseas, and the publication of his works without sticking to manga is expected.

Here are a selection of works by Jiraiya for your pleasure. Big, beefy guys!

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