Futa Mikami

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Fūta Mikami (Born 1961)
From 1987 to 2004 Fūta Mikami played an active role in the gay magazine Barazoku, as an editor and an illustrator. Since 2005, he has worked in the editorial department of the gay magazine Samson, handling illustrations for its front cover. When working for gay magazines, he draws in a variety of styles be they humorous, sexual or realistic, to match the articles featured. However, he also creates a lot of cute pictures using simpler designs and pop colours. Mikami uses both CG and freehand drawing, changing materials and techniques for each artwork, depending on the requirements. “I’m happy that my pictures depict gay couples’ everyday lives.” says Mikami. Mikami draws on the assumption that his artwork will be used as a picture for decorating a home, a card sent to a friend, a calendar, the symbol of a web page, or a print for a shirt, underwear, handkerchief, badge, datebook or notebook. The keywords of his work are “Simple, Pop and Cute”