Art for sale

Please check out the art works for sale. They range from vintage works from the 1970s to modern illustration and computer generated graphics.

About the purchase an artwork
When purchasing artwork, the postage varies from country to country. We basically insure the artwork when it is shipped, and the insurance cost depends on the price of the artwork. In some countries, you will be required to pay tax when you receive it if the artwork is expensive. Unfortunately, the post office has recently raised the basic postage slightly. As we really do not want you to pay high postage, EMS seems to be the best way since it is safe and not expensive.( If you are now considering whether to purchase some artwork, please feel free to inquire because we can put it on layaway for up to a month. For your information, the postage of two works is not so different from when you purchase one because it basically depends on the weight.(note: insurance cost changes) If you are interested in some works, therefore, I would like to recommend you to purchase them together to save the shipping-cost.

About the flow of the purchase of an artwork
If there is a piece of work that you like or would like to purchase, please e-mail me directly. I will check the availability of the artwork, estimate the postage and the insurance costs. Once the total amount has been agreed on, I’ll send you the payment form. Please return the completed form by fax or e-mail including your desired work, your credit-card number and your signature. After the credit-card payment has been processed, the artwork will be sent within a few days. We will send you an EMS tracking number after the shipment, so you can track the status of your shipment online. Artworks usually require three to ten days to arrive.

Please note that credit card payment is only accepted for purchases over AU$500.
In the case of bank transfers, transfer fees will be included in the shipping and handling fees.

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Hideki Koh
Gengoroh Tagame
Seiji Inagaki
Kazumi Oribe
Tatsuya Naoki
Naomichi Okutsu
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Please contact me if you have any queries.

Dancer, Edo era, 2009 by Hideki Koh