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Presented here are a selection of works for sale by other artists. Enjoy!

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Works for sale

●Muma (Born 1970)
Muma’s illustrations started to appear in magazines after he received an honorable mention at the G-Men Tagame Award. He creates not only CG works, but also freehand work using pencils and watercolours. Muma says “I like muscles, no matter what anyone says. I love them. I’ll bulk them up until I’m satisfied. I hope that you enjoy the gap between the faces and the bodies, and the world of Muma.” His artwork is characterised by imbalanced men with baby faces and huge muscles. He has recently succeeded in depicting a distinctive world as only he can, creating a harmony between muscle and Japanese flavour, adding Japanese motifs such as samurai, yoroi (samurai’s armor), kabuto (helmets) and cherry blossoms.

●Yujiro(Born 1975)
Yujiro’s works, with a strong focus on male portraits, are characterised by his wild brushstrokes and a colourful palette. The first overseas exhibition of Yujiro’s works was held in Australia this year (2011) but in Japan he has worked consistently over a number of years from a base in his native Osaka. Since making his debut in the gay art scene in 2008 when he took part in a group exhibition of gay artists, Yujiro is an artist who continues to win praise from a wide audience.

●Toboji538(born 1979)
Toboji538 has had an interest in photography since high school. He spent five years working for a fragrance company which he left in 2007 after photographer Kunihiro Takuma’s art book Blue Note inspired him to start studying photography full-time. He has continued to successfully exhibit his work since 2008 and from June 2010 he became the chief cover photographer for Kodansha’s Weekly Morning magazine. While still shooting for the “Beauty and Entertainment” section of the magazine, Toboji538 has continued with his passion for more conceptual, gay themed artworks. Toboji538 has exhibited a number of times in Australia to critical acclaim and continues to gain attention as an up and coming young photographer.

●Poko Murata (Born 1981)
Poko Murata has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for a number of years, but in 2009, due to a desire to create works that reflected his own tastes and sexuality, he started publishing private works on his own website. In 2010 he was contacted by the director of Mayumi International and was encouraged to recreate a number of his CG works by hand. Despite never exhibiting in Japan, this in turn led to his first showing in Australia. Murata’s colourful style and pop sensibility combine with a whimsical humour and cute sensibility in his depictions of the everyday lives of gay men.

●INUYOSHI (Born 1975)
After making his manga debut in G-men magazine in 2003 Inuyoshi has continued to publish a number of comic works. He currently works on the series “Aoba Channel” serialized in Badi Magazine. Inuyoshi’s comical touch has coloured his illustration works which are completed both by hand and using CG technology. Under the advice of Mayumi International’s director Inuyoshi has made his international debut this year.

●Kei Otani (Born 1972)
While working in the mainstream design industry as a graphic designer and illustrator Kei Otani has also produced a number or artworks for gay club flyers and magazines. Up until now most of his works have been computer based but from 2011 Otani turned to hand-drawn illustration and started exhibiting outside Japan, in places such as New York and Sydney. This move into the international market has been a dream of Otani’s, and he has spoken of his wish to create artworks with a more international flavour.
His “pop” style and unique world view flavoured with a gay spin make Otani one of an exciting new generation of artists.