Tatsuji Okawa

Information about Tatsuji Okawa is extremely limited. His name and work first appeared in public in Fuzokukitan in 1963 when Okawa sent his pieces to Fuzokukitan. Mamiya Hiroshi was a writer, helping the magazine with editing work on the pages for gays. A personal relationship between the two men started, and even after Odawa started to publish primarily in Barazoku all of his pieces were brought to the editorial office through Mamiya. So there was no personal acquaintance between Bungaku Ito, the editor in chief of Barazoku and Okawa.

For one of his episodes Yukio Mishima (Novelist) asked him to draw a picture of Mishima being tortured. Mishima’s appearance wasn’t close to the type Okawa liked, and Okawa was not happy with his drawing.

The grease in Okawa’s pieces is opposed to his attitude and purpose for drawing but never departs from his basic sexual desire. He is not afraid that his pieces are pornographic. With highly developed techniques his pieces are graceful. This entertaining and highly artistic state is one of the highest peaks erotic art can reach. Without doubt, Okawa’s pieces reach this peak.

In the mid 1970’s, Tetsuji Okawa cleared out his personal stuff, gave his materials to Mamiya, and stopped drawing. He died in 1994 at the age of 90. The works by Okawa were owned by Mamiya before they were given away or sold. The works that are featured in our gallery are from Bungaku Ito’s collection. They are really rear works.

(Some of the above is from Gay erotic art in Japan vol. 1 POT Publishing Co.)

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